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To answer the needs of industrial companies, federations and other providers dealing with the regulations for chemical safety, CEHTRA offers training courses in the fields of Industrial Hygiene, Regulation, Toxicology and Evironmental Fate.

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The training courses offered in the 2017-2018 session are the following:
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Ref. 2017-001 Regulatory TOXICOLOGY
Introduction to Regulatory Toxicology
and Risk Assessment for Human Health
Ref. 2017-002 Regulatory ECOTOXICOLOGY
Ref. 2017-003
(English only)
Ref. 2017-004 OECD QSAR Toolbox
An Introduction to Replacing Experimentations using Read-Across and QSAR Modelling
Fundamentals and Challenges of
Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009
Ref. 2017-006 Environmental Assessment of Pesticides

Ref. 2017-007 COSMETIC Regulation
Fundamentals of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009
Ref. 2017-008 REACH
Fundamentals of Regulation
(EC) No. 1907/2006 –2018 Deadline
CLP Fundamentals
Ref. 2017-010 Safety Data Sheets
Redaction of Sections 1 to 16
Ref. 2017-011 Extended Safety Data Sheets
Chemical Safety Assessment
Ref. 2017-012 On-site Chemical Risk Assessment
Ref. 2017-013 Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
From Picking Strategy to Result Interpretation
Ref. 2017-014 ECETOC TRA Version 3
Human Exposure Assessment
Ref. 2017-015 CHESAR 3
Environmental Exposure Assessment for REACH


  • Prices (excl. VAT): 1 100 € /participant /day
  • Courses can be provided both in French and in English (unless otherwise stated)
  • All our courses can be adapted as in-company customised training
  • Addresses:
    • Paris : 4 avenue Laurent Cély – 92, Asnières sur Seine – France
    • Lyon : 23 rue du Creuzat – 38, L'Isle d'Abeau – France
    • Bordeaux : 43 rue Laroque – 33, Sainte Eulalie – France
  • To register to a training course, fill in a Pre-Registration Form and send it to Catherine Seillier: she will contact you to agree upon a date
  • Courses will be provided with a minimum of 3 participants (from any company)
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