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CEHTRA - Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk AssessmentCEHTRA OPEX: Worker Exposure Studies to measure exposure
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OPEX studies

CEHTRA OPEX: Worker Exposure Studies to measure exposure CEHTRA puts at your disposal a leading team in E.U. for Worker Exposure Studies, to measure exposure to pesticides, biocides and other types of chemicals.

The Challenges of outdoor studies

Worker exposure studies are time and resource consuming studies: they are performed when the standard models do not cover your uses or have failed to demonstrate acceptable risk.

You need a team who not only has extensive experience of conducting this type of study according to GLP (if required), but also have a full understanding of the future use of the data being generated. This guarantees that they will give you the best advice for study design and can optimize the study conduct and reporting. Similarly, they will also be able to support the results when required.

CEHTRA’s resources

CEHTRA’s experts can use their extensive experience in exposure modelling and measurement to advise you on the best design for the study to suit your needs.

Always directed by an exposure expert, our team has the capacity to conduct studies in any country in the world, for any type of chemical such as pesticides, biocides, industrial chemicals and consumer products.

Through our partner, STAPHYT, these studies can be conducted under GLP condition.

CEHTRA’s experts are recognized for their expertise in this area and can accompany you through the whole process up to the submission to authorities.

CEHTRA’s experience

In the past few years, CEHTRA’s team has conducted more than 20 studies, in very varied environments: fields, greenhouses, seed treatment or storage stations, pharmaceutical plants, etc. and involving all types of formulations including fumigants.

CEHTRA’s experts have participated in several key expert groups like EUROPOEM and ECPA and are recognized for their expertise in designing, conducting and interpreting operator/ worker exposure data.


Garden Exposure model Issues: Create a model for amateur gardeners covering the main scenario, representing actual uses and with a design and interpretation approved by authorities for a minimum cost.

CEHTRA response:

  • 8 scenarios have been covered; the protocol and model design proposed by CEHTRA has been discussed intensively with French Authorities and accepted.
  • The model is now used as one of the reference models in the E.U.
  • Another model for parks and amenities has then been developed for the same client.
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