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Industrial Hygiene

CEHTRA's Industrial Hygiene: HSE on industrial sites CEHTRA’s industrial hygienists have decades of experience working with clients in their industrial sites and manage Environmental, Health and Safety challenges with a well balanced mix of technical expertise and practical experience.

Industrial Hygiene is presently a very challenging field

  • Many medium-sized, high-tech related companies cannot justify permanent central EHS competence and services internally due to the high cost of development and maintenance;
  • The technological and regulatory demands on Environment, Health and Safety are constantly evolving and technical limit values are becoming more and more binding: the regulatory evolution is a real challenge for industrial hygienists.

CEHTRA has the assets to meet the challenge

  • Mobilising personnel experienced in both corporate concerns and shop floor solutions;
  • Providing advice to Manufacturers and Importers on anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling exposures and health risks from handling chemicals;
  • Assisting Downstream Users with site-specific advice on Risk Management Measures to ensure compliance;
  • Developing training modules for the specific company needs;
  • Helping companies decide on the right strategy for monitoring campaigns;
  • Developing tools to assess likely exposure levels to chemicals in different scenarios, and the effectiveness of different exposure control options;
  • Developing exposure assessment models;
  • Interpreting risk data.

CEHTRA’s experience

CEHTRA’s track record in multi-disciplinary risk assessment and modelling applies well to real world situations involving chemical substances: ever since its creation, CEHTRA has designed and conducted EHS audits, and advised management at countless sites in virtually every sector of the chemical industry and services.

More than 10 years of culture and experience in different industrial sectors, going from pesticide to general chemicals; an in-depth understanding of the tools; sound risk data interpretation: at CEHTRA, experts provide services to comply with industrial hygiene obligations recognising human behaviour patterns, organisations and procedures, technical applications, law and regulations.

Charles ALARCON, CEHTRA’s leader for EHS services, has more than 12 years’ experience of managing expertise studies and using currents models in risk assessment and was one of the first scientists in France to be certified as an Industrial Hygienist by the SOFHYT (IOHA).

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