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CEHTRA - Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk AssessmentCEHTRA help with Food additives, Food Contact Materials and ICC
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Food / Feed

CEHTRA help with Food additives, Food Contact Materials and ICC CEHTRA offers an effective and experienced support in managing the complex and constantly evolving regulation on food contact materials and food/feed additives.

The Challenges

The regulations on Food Contact Materials and on Food/Feed additives are rapidly changing and it is essential to keep an eye on the regulatory developments, especially to detect the changes that impact your own products or dossiers.

Once you know what’s the new requirements are, you need to update your dossiers and manage the new obligations and responsibilities stemming from the current regulations. The first step is to ensure the regulatory compliance of your products and when needed, to submit application dossiers for marketing authorisation of a new substance in a Food Contact Material or in a Food/Feed Additive.

CEHTRA’s regulatory support

CEHTRA offers tools and services to define the regulatory compliance of your products:

  • Technology watchdog;
  • Defining of the requirements for your new products and/or new applications;
  • Audit of the regulatory status of your products and technologies portfolio.

CEHTRA can help you prepare and update your dossiers:

  • Definition of strategy for dossier submission;
  • Participation in dossier compilation, including initiation and follow-up of toxicological tests and migration testing;
  • Derivation of Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI);
  • Risk assessment for users/workers and for the environment.

On request, CEHTRA will train your team on Food Contact Materials regulations (Europe and US) or on other specific issues.

Our experts can also support your team by answering your client’s regulatory questions on: food/feed, related regulations (drinking water, toys, etc.), absence of prohibited substance, etc.

Our food/feed team has over a decade of hands-on experience working in providing regulatory support in food contact and food/feed legislations on site at the client’s company as well as from its own offices. This support has included advice on Good Manufacturing Practices required by the food contact legislation.

We regularly work with clients, training their teams or embedded in their company part or full time and participating in the preparation and production of substance dossiers.

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