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Expert advice

CEHTRA's “Ask-the-expert” contract: eco-tox advice Make the most of decades of acquired knowledge at CEHTRA by hiring your own senior (eco)toxicologist, physico-chemist or regulatory consultant to help you strengthen your position with our “Ask-the-expert” contracts.

Regulatory Challenges

No one can be an expert at everything. In your job you are certainly the key knowledge source on your substance, but regulatory dossiers have become complex multi-task affairs and sometimes you just need to get a few hours of help on some of the technical fields where you need assurance.

Or maybe you want to strengthen your company position in a consortium.
You can’t be everywhere and resources are getting spread ever thinner. 
Knowledge is power and a little extra help from an expert you can trust could help your company to bargain from a position of force.

CEHTRA offers customized solutions

Use our experienced resources as if they were your own: this is a true partnership.
You buy the time you need to solve your problem, when you need it and where you need it - the Ask-the-Expert contract can start from as little as 500 euros.
The services we provide include:

  • Getting fully acquainted with your substance / substance portfolio profile;
  • Advice and support in any of our service fields;
  • Helping you decide which strategy to put in place and stage-gating;
  • Attending consortia technical/steering meetings on your behalf, proposing the strategies you have decided upon and fighting to get them implemented;
  • Ultimately saving you time and money by implementing the right approach first time and using science based strategies to reduce testing, and related costs;
  • Bespoke training courses related to your specific needs.

We have the experience:

CEHTRA’s consultants have a wealth of experience acquired from working on regulatory dossiers from every European Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) regulation and Directive, not just over 10 years but for the decade before that.

CEHTRA’s team has been involved in FOCUS documents, ring-tested OECD Guidelines, has helped update the TGD (Technical Guidance Document) and has written REACH RIPs (REACH Implementation Projects), has been involved in the production of major dossiers from PPP Annex I, Biocides notifications, Existing substances, REACH Phase I.


Case 1: Ecotoxicology expertise for REACH
A major chemical company leading over 50 2013 dossiers finds itself short of ecotoxicology expertise under the pressure of the next REACH deadline.

  • Mid-May 2011: The business unit requests CEHTRA to provide an Ask-the-Expert contract covering 10 substances from the same portfolio.
  • Early June 2011: The contract is signed, a kick-off meeting is arranged the same week between the CEHTRA scientist and the business unit/company ecotoxicology experts to align ideas and explain their position with respect to the consortium.
  • Early June 2011: The same week a 2 day technical meeting is held including an official hand-over from the company Ecotoxicologist to the CEHTRA Ecotoxicologist.
  • Mid-June onwards: The CEHTRA Ecotoxicologist is integrated into the Technical committee and acts as a company member, commenting as a consortium member and reporting directly to the business unit of the contracting company.

Case 2: Problematic e-SDS transcription
A chemical company is confronted with CSR formats not corresponding to the REACH requirements for 5 major internationally marketed substances for which the e-SDS transcription is very problematic.

  • Mid-April 2011: The Ask-the-Expert contract is signed to handle the 5 substance e-SDS.
  • End-April 2011: CEHTRA proposes a shaping solution on 3 of the sustances allowing the creation of e-SDS without significant modification to the CSRs. This solution is accepted by the company and requires only limited technical support from a CEHTRA operator.
  • End-April 2011: CEHTRA works on the e-SDS of the 2 remaining substances for which a significant CSR review and overhaul is necessary.
  • Mid-May 2011: The company is able to communicate the 5 e-SDS to their customers and decides to keep the CEHTRA e-SDS Ask-the-Expert contract open for future use.
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